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There are six forms of SOULSPEAK instinctive art:

1) Spontaneous Spoken Poetry

2) Spontaneous Storytelling

3) Spontaneous Dance/Mime

4) Spontaneous Music

5) Dreamstory Videos

6) Spontaneous Collage

All of them except Spontaneous Music/Collage and Dreamstory videos can be done without any equipment except the human body.

The most important first step in all these forms is learning how to speak. It is the foundation for learning the other instinctive forms. Basically what has to mastered is the ability to "let go" of conscious control so the ceative unconscious can direct you.

1. Spontaneous Spoken/Sung Poetry (Speaking)

 The SOUNDCLICK player below has many  speakings. Listen to some of them before proceeding.

There are several free video/text tutorials that can assist you in awakening this natural way of expression. Sung speakings differ from spoken speakings only in that they are sung out in an instinctive, spontaneous musical way that comes intuitively and with no effort.

If you're doing it right, it will sound much like the simple sing-song children use without thinking.

Once speaking is mastered, you can proceed easily to the other art forms, because you will have learned what it feels like to "let go" of conscious control so the creative unconscious can direct you.

Here the suggested tutorials, in the order you should approach them. The video below should be sufficient if you are primarily interested in art forms other than speaking.



2. Spontaneous Storytelling

This art is something that will happen or not happen once you have learned how to speak. It comes from a less unconscious level than speaking, and will occur naturally if you have a propensity for storytelling in your everyday life.

For more information on forming them, I suggest you listen to the episode (RAY BBQ) on my web radio show on Spontaneous Storytelling.

Storytelling done in such an instinctive way is really an extension of instinctive ( or spontaneous) spoken poetry. You can listen to a 3 part radio program on spontaneously spoken poetry by clicking on PLAY in the player below.

Here are links to mp3 downloads of 2 other spontaneous stories: FRANK BBQ and ROBERT BBQ.

The player below has an animated video of the spontaneous story called RAY BBQ.

3. Spontaneous Dance/Mime

This art form, first developed as SOULMOVES by Scylla, can be approached in two ways:

1. By physically miming a speaking that you have previously created for the purpose of your spontaneous dance/mime.

The speaking should be recorded with the music you intend to use for your spontaneous dance/mime.

Let your movements be an instinctive, unthinking reaction to the action/emotional progression of the speaking. Don't slavishly imitate the speaking.

2. By physically acting out a preexisting speaking created by some one else. Again mime/dance should not be a slavish imitation of the speaking, but an instinctual reaction to the speaking as it progresses.

Feel free to use any of these speakings on the Soundclick Player. To download any of them for free, click here:

There are 2 additional aides that may assist the dancer in easily accessing the unconscious:

1) Wearing a mask. It increases the mystery of the acting-out especially if you are dancing in front of a mirror.

2) Complete darkness. This is an excellent way to learn to trust the unconscious.

The player below shows samples of the various approaches.  One of the examples in the Player below, The Soul is an Actor, uses two spontaneous dancers, one in front of the projection screen and one in back of it.

4. Spontaneous Music

This is only possible using Apple’s Garage Band which is really a synthesizer for Dummies. I began to use it to create simple, slow music that I could use to help pull speakings out of me.

Let me add that I have no knowledge of music and am tone deaf, yet years of working with accomplished composers has greatly increased my instinctive ability to recognize very good music. Music with soul.

This guides me in my use of Garage Band, which I never approach with a conscious intent, but a hunger for a dimly sensed sound/feeling that is roaming through my body, usually as a precursor to an unknown speaking also rising up to be born.

I do it all by feel until I get the sound that feels right. I then create an MP3 of the tune and then I wait for the speaking to knock on the door.

Here is a Soundclick Player with some of my spontaneous music. It has been recorded at around 60 bpm, the speed of heartbeat. It is the speed most conducive to speaking.

5. Dreamstory Videos

The creation of Dreamstory videos requires the aid of PCs, which allow the instinctive assemblage of audio and video with very little conscious intervention. Firstly, it requires a PC with video editing software.

Microsoft Movie Maker, Apple I-Movie and Pinnacle are three editors I use, Movie Maker being the simplest and most limited and Pinnacle being the most complex and fully featured.

Dreamstory creation begins by using rough photos or video clips as a catalyst for creating the speaking soundtrack that will be used in the final video.

Every stage, starting with the rough clips, is done instinctively. A complete discussion of this and how the final Dreamstory video is also instinctively assembled can be found on the Dreamstory Site.

The Player below contains a selection of

6. Spontaneous Collage.

 Here is a video I made of a collage using the principles outlined below.

I have inserted 5 collages of the kind you can make using this technique.

Sizzors, paste and a large piece of paper are the only technical requirements. This is the same as everyday collage. Where it differs is how you approach the collage. Don't preconceive what the collage will look like.

1. Gather a very large number of magazines/pictures. Go thru them at a leisurely pace. Playing SOULSPEAK music will help your unconscious assist you. When you see a picture that PULLS you, tear it out. Don't ask yourself why it pulls you. No cutting at this stage. Continue, WITHOUT THINKING, until you tire; when you do tire, quit for the day.


2.When the spirit moves you , take out the torn-out pictures and leaf thru them. Keep only those that continue to PULL you. Go back to step 1.


3. When you have about 30 torn out pictures, begin to move them around until their position in relation to the others satisfies you. Let your feelings guide you, not logic.Take your time. Be dreamy.

4. Let your instincts tell you how to cut each picture so it blends into the surrounding pictures.

For example it would be logical to place a picture of a wife next to a picture of a husband. That may be the feeling way too. But it may not. Maybe your feelings tell you to place a wall between them. Do it.

Take your time. Don't cut until you are sure.


5. Let the result sit for a while. Keep making minor modifications until a bell rings in your head. Paste everything into place.


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